VMworld 2009 – Blogging, Tweets and the “Ask a vExpert” Booth

Well, VMworld 2009 is almost upon us! I have an ungodly schedule for next week. I start the S&M with a nice refreshing VCDX Design Defense bright and early Monday morning at the VMware San Fransisco office. Then, its off to the SF Mariott for a relaxing sit by the VCP 4.0 Exam engine. Of course, I’ll round that off with a healthy dose of VMware View in the Advanced Configuration Lab.

I will try to add notes from the sessions throughout the week. Most will be techie notes from the breakout sessions, but if I hear anything that I deem noteworthy from any of the keynotes or from the floor, I will be sure to post that as well. I have loaded heavily on the VMware View sessions this year to try to force feed myself on the Desktop Virtualization part of the Cloud. I have always resisted this part of it because it brings back those lovely times where I lived in the times of hearing the whiners saying: “I can’t print!” or “I forgot my password!”. Anyway, resistance IS futile and I WILL be assimilated. If you’re looking to meet up, I posted a shared Google Calendar along with a screen shot of my VMworld Schedule below.

John Troyer from VMware has been hard at work arranging for things to happen for the VMware vExperts. One of the biggest benefits for non-vExperts is the inclusion of a “Ask the vExpert” Booth this year at VMworld. The booth will be manned by at least one vExpert most of the time. So stop by and ask a question. Fellow vExpert Jase McCarty has posted a partial list of vExperts manning the booth.

One of the other things John started was a nice list of everyone that will be blogging and/or tweeting at VMworld. This list makes a great reference for finding everyone who has a blog that is VMware related.